Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Netflix 31: 24 Season 1 Disc 6

Tony Almeida's soul patch was indeed awesome.

I wanted to hate "24", because it's one of those thing when you hear people talk about it constantly, you just want to hate it, but I did end up enjoying the first season. It did have it's faults though. Y'see, it was really a 16 hour movie. And they don't really make 16 hour movies, because, well, they just get boring at a point. And that point happened somewhere between Noon and 6pm. I just couldn't really bare it at that point. The show really picked up when Lou Diamond Phillips showed up, despite Dennis Hopper giving perhaps the worst accent ever (it was somewhere between Boris Badenov and Dexter). There were some plots that really should have been excised (like Rick, the friendly kidnapper), and I've been told they get better as the seasons go on (although I have heard about a plot involving Kim, a cougar, and a bear trap in the woods).

On second thought, that does sound awesome.