Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I Am An Outstanding Choreographer.

I won this last week.

And by won, I mean "purchased from the old man who sells junk on the corner of 45th St. and 9th. Ave."

I pass by him everyday, and last Thursday, I noticed he had four different award plaques. So, I thought about it for the day, and decided I needed one of these awards to hang in my office at work.

I went down there, and approached the dealer. He tried to get me to buy all 4 for $8. I almost did it, but soon changed my mind, and convinced him to sell me one for $3. I decided to go for the choreography one, since my dance skills are awesome.


My co-worker Rick convinced me to Google this "Bridet Barkan" to see if I can find out who this "Outstanding Choreographer" really was. As we all guessed, it was obviously a typo, as "Bridet Barken" doesn't exist. I later inspected the other 3 awards on the corner (which surprisingly have not sold) and they all appear to have some sort of typo on them, which might explain how the junk man ended up with them.

But I did find a Bridget Barkan. And according to this article, she did attend the Professional Performing Arts School, with none other than Mrs. John Conner herself, Clare Danes.

In my mind, Clare Danes is most famous for her work in Terminator 3.

And just to make it come full circle, Bridget Barkan is in an indie film called Bristol Boys, with Gillian Foss, who is friends with my buddy Dustin (who I keep forgetting to call), and was in his thesis film "Herman", which I edited.

Anywho, Bridget Barkan, if you are out there, I would like to challenge you to a dance off to see who the outstanding choreographer truly is.