Sunday, June 24, 2007


So, I spent way too much money at MoCCA this weekend...

And those are just the books, not including the pole of mini-comics I got.

I also picked up a Skullboy figure from my buddy Jacob Chabot. Dark Horse published a collection of his "Mighty Skullboy Army" mini-comics, and also put out a vinyl figure of the main character, Skullboy.


Here he is on top of my DVD collection, along with MF Doom, a Kid Robot, and Batman.

I also picked up four pages of original art.

First up is an Evan Dorkin page from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Books", page #17 from issue #12.


A Ryan Kelly page from Local (Issue #2 Page #12)


And the next two I picked up from people who are good friends of mine that I've known for years. I'm really happy to see them get some success recently, and I'm happy to own some of their pages.

First up is page #3 from Raina Telgemeier's second BabySitter's Club graphic novel, "The Truth About Stacy".


And the next one is very special to me, it's a page from Matt Loux's Oni Graphic Novel, "Sidescrollers". It's special because he drew me in the top panel (I have a running deal that if anyone draws me into a published comic book, I will buy that page), I'm the dude wearing the shirt that says "Pants".


The rest of my art collection can be seen here here

Next up: San Diego!