Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Look at me, I can be, Centerfield."

So after a pointless trip up to Yankee Stadium yesterday for the aborted home opener, I made a return trip up to the Bronx for the actual first game of the season. 131 mostly terrible photos are here. My favorites, with commentary, below. I got tickets to every Sunday game from here on out, and I am going to the Mets opener at Shea next Tuesday. Expect many more terrible photos for the rest of the year.


Stinky takes a shot of the new stadium rising across the street.


Freddy is a stadium institution. He walks around the stadium with a sign, specialized for every game, with a pan attached to it. He carries a spoon, and asks people to hit the pan. If you're ever watching a Yankee game and hear a random "DING!", it's Freddy.

For some reason, my father hates Freddy.


The introduction of the lineups.


Yogi escorts Reggie to the mound for the first pitch.


The real first pitch of the year, a strike from Chien Ming Wang.


A-Rod drives in the first RBI of the year.


Armando and I enjoy the inaugural sausages of the 2008 season.


George Steinbrenner flips a switch. I think someone gets fired everytime he flips it or something.


The concession stand where I usually get my sausages and cheese fries. With this being the last year at Yankee Stadium, I plan on taking a lot of photos of the the little things at Yankee Stadium.


Joba! I don't think I can put the level of excitement the crowd has for Joba into words. Everyone was so distracted by his entrance that no one paid any attention to the cap game on the diamond vision screen. And when he pitched, you'd think it was the world series from the amount of flash bulbs going off after every pitch.


And Mariano shuts them down for the save.


Lauren claimed the man in the cowboy hat was Alec Baldwin. Upon closer inspection, it was probably just Billy Baldwin. This was the biggest disappointment of the night.


It started to to pour while waiting for the train after the game. Otherwise it was perfect April baseball weather. I was afraid of freezing the upper deck, but I didn't even need my jacket.

Baseball, I missed you. Thanks for coming back.