Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Netflix 32: Pauly Shore Is Dead

Did you ever wonder what's going on in Pauly Shore's head? No? So it was just me?

Well, this answers that question.

In his directorial debut, Pauly Shore imagines what it would be like if he killed himself. Would he be remembered like Sam Kinison or John Belushi? Or will he just be another Jonathan Brandis? This being his fantasy, Pauly fakes his own death to see the result. The result: SUPERSTARDOM!

I got this thing for Pauly Shore movies. I love them. I've seen'em all. I still believe Bio-Dome is one of the crowning comedic achievements of the 1990's. I was the guy who watched his sitcom. When I was on jury duty last year, I seriously considered bringing an chihuahua with me.

That being said, this movie was made for me.

That is, me and me alone. Everyone else will hate it, and rightfully so.

But for me, it allowed me to swim in Pauly Shore's brain for an hour and twenty-two minutes.

And what a wonderful place it is.