Sunday, May 01, 2005

Day 3: Some people stand in the darkness...

When I woke up on Saturday, I was shocked to find out somehow, I had slept until 2pm. Well, actually, I had woke up at 1, and just felt it would be stupid to get up before Kieran did. Unfortunatly, he did the same. So both of us, just laid around until 2pm, when he made the first move.

Since most of the day was gone, and we had to go to Kieran's friends gallery opening latter that night, no major trips could be done. So, Kieran drove us over to the Third Street Promenade, where after enjoying some California Pizza Kitchen, I made a halfhearted search for shoes.

As we wandered down the outdoor mall, we made our way to the pier, which is where I finally saw one of the few things on my list of things to see in California -


After some more browsing, we headed back to Kieran's place for a little while, where we got changed into snazzzier duds, and made our way over the gallery. After hitting major traffic snares along the way, we finally arrived and parked in front of some nice gentlemen in cowboy hats standing in front of a raucous Mexican bar (or, as they prefer to call them, "cantinas").

The show was the extension of a class project on reinventing the skyscraper. The idea was to take the Ground Zero space, and use new-fangled technology and techniques to build a new skyscraper that looks nothing like the norm.

I was kinda shocked to learn that most of the work done by students at Kieran's school is extremely conceptual, and doesn't have that much basis in real science. It makes for pieces that I considered more artlike, and Kieran and I discussed this at length on the way home that evening.

As one of the few outsiders at the event, I was asked for my opinion a lot. It was tough trying to make sure I didn't say something out of line or insulting, especially since I didn't mean it. I ain't too good with the words, and such,

Also, I learned that if you hold a reception in a bad neighborhood, homeless people will come in and drink the free wine.

We made a quick stop at a restaurant that seemed way too nice for the area, where I enjoyed a hearty hamburger, and learned the Yankees actually managed to win a game.

Afterwards, we made a quick stopover at the Super A to pick up some alcohol and nachos before heading to a houseparty. I purchased Dr. Pepper and a Star Wars scratch off lottery ticket.

Kieran's friend Nick got way into the nachos.

Someone brought an actress who had a recurring role on "Six Feet Under" to the party, where she felt it was her duty to liven up these stuffy architecture students by getting people on top of the loft bed and pouring vodka into their mouths. Kieran was dragged into the madness and got most of it poured in his eyes.

The party grew too lively for the neighbors, so we were forced to retreat to another apartment with more reasonable neighbors. Surprisingly, the party grew more chill than before. After a few hours, we decided to call it a night.

I also noted that we were parked near an eating establishment named "BURGERS N" SHIT".

I Love LA.