Thursday, March 02, 2006

An explanation.

Did you ever have one of those moments where you run into someone you don't see frequently, and they hit you with the big question: "So what's new?" And then you sit there for a minute, cataloging your recent life, and finally, you say, "Nothin'."

That's been happening way too often for me lately. You can only say "Yeah, I got these awesome new Batman shoes." for so long before you have to revert back to the old standby, "Nothin'."

Within the span of a few hours yesterday, an interesting possibility was brought up to me. An editor who I really respect at the BBC gave me the name of a contact of his who was looking for an assistant editor for a short term project, a pilot for MTV. I shot my resumé over to them, and they wanted to see me immediately. I took the interview in the afternoon, and it went incredibly well. They officially offered me the gig within hours, and I was stuck with an interesting decision. It wouldn't be a change in pay, but it would mean that in 6 weeks, I might have to go looking high and low for a new job. It means going back to nights for a few weeks at least, but it would mean more editing opportunities, which is something I'm not getting now. I talked to some of my peers, and betters, and my boss, and they all said the same thing: Take it.

So I did.

It starts sometime next week. I'm excited. Sure, I lose my day shift, and my benefits, but I gain something I've been looking for for a while: to work on a show that I would actually watch.

For those who are worried, this does not affect any of my plans for this year. If everything falls through, I got my savings backing me up. I'm still going to San Diego (where something I might be working on might be shown). I'm still going to Michigan for my buddy's wedding in September. And I'm still going to move out of my parent's basement.

Wait, what?