Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Vacation...

I have 4 tickets to each of the following.

Kansas City Royals, Tuesday, 4/11/06, 1PM
Baltimore Orioles, Friday, 4/21/06, 7PM
Toronto Blue Jays, Friday, 4/28/06, 7PM
Boston Red Sox, Tuesday, 5/9/06, 7PM
Oakland Athletics, Friday, 5/12/06, 7PM
Texas Rangers, Thursday, 5/18/06, 1PM
Oakland Athletics, Friday, 6/9/06, 7PM
Cleveland Indians, Wednesday, 6/14/06, 7PM
Florida Marlins, Saturday, 6/24/06, 4PM
Atlanta Braves, Monday, 6/26/06, 7PM
New York Mets, Saturday, 7/1/06, 1PM
Chicago White Sox, Friday 7/14/06, 7PM
Seattle Mariners, Monday, 7/17/06, 7PM
Toronto Blue Jays, Tuesday, 8/1/06, 7PM
Anaheim Angels, Friday, 8/11/06, 7PM
Detroit Tigers, Tuesday, 8/29/06, 7PM
Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Tuesday, 9/12/06, 7PM
Boston Red Sox, Saturday, 9/16/06, TBA
Baltimore Orioles, Tuesday, 9/26/06, 7PM
Toronto Blue Jays, Sunday, 10/1/06, 1PM