Saturday, December 17, 2005

So I met John Lasseter tonight...

I've met just about every living filmmaker that I've ever wanted to meet, but Pixar head honcho, and director of Toy Story and A Bug's Life, John Lasseter was one of the few that I haven't. I found out at the last minute tonight that he was doing a lecture at the Museum of Modern Art tonight, and my friend had an extra ticket, so I ran out of work early, and got over to the museum to find my friend at the front of the line. Unfortunately, he forgot to pick up the pre-ordered tickets at the box office, so we got into the theater too late to be up front, so we were in the back of the theater.

Five minutes before the show lecture started, someone walking down the aisle turned to me, and asked me if the two seats next to me were free. I said they were, and as she and her friend moved past me, I realized who it was: Sarah Vowell, of NPR's "This American Life", and voice of Violet in "The Incredibles". While sitting next to her and her friend throughout the whole show, I fought the temptation to tell her how awesome she is (I waited until the show was over to do that).

John Lasseter was great. The lecture accompanied an excellent gallery showing of production art from Pixar's films, so he focused on that, show clips and art from all 6 previous Pixar features, and showed off a never before shown scene from the upcoming "Cars", which looked fantastic, even in it's uncompleted stage. Afterwards, he tooks his time walking out of the theater, stopping to talk to anyone who came up to him. This just goes to prove that everyone who I've ever met that's worked with Pixar is a total class act.

Anyone in the New York area between now and February has to stop by MoMA to see this exhibit, it's freaking beautiful. More info here.

Now, if I could only meet Sam Raimi, Edgar Wright, and Robert Rodriguez, my life will be complete.