Monday, October 24, 2005


I became aware of Harry And The Potters through my buddy, Dave. They are a rock duo who play songs about Harry Potter. And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. I caught them this summer at the New York Public Library, which was already noted in an earlier blog entry here. This past Saturday, they played a show in my neighborhood, so I knew I had to attend.

It was at Fort Seriously, which wasn't as much of a fort, as it was someone's apartment.

Teenage girls love Harry and The Potters.

Jeremy gets all moody on the inside.

While John Green gets wet on the outside.

While the worst opening act in the history of opening acts was inside, we decided it would be a million times better to just make umbrella fort outside.

Clockwise from Steve: Alison, Scott, Marion, John, Jeremy, Raina. Not pictured: Dave, Alisa.

Finally, at around 11pm, 3 hours later than they were supposed to be on, the show began. And they proved that Voldemort can not stop the rock.

They played an awesome new song about book 6. It made everyone feel special.

If anyone is interested in what this actually sounds like, they whole show from Saturday is up at the Fort Seriously website. Also, take a listen to what the hell we were listening too before the Potters.

On second thought, don't.