Saturday, November 12, 2005

Rent is a big pile of crap.

So I saw the new movie adaptation of the popular Broadway musical, "Rent."

I fucking hated it.

Now, this has nothing to do with the actual movie, or the job Chris Columbus did adapting it to the screen. Like all Chris Columbus work, it's servicable. The problem is with the original source material. This was my first exposure to the musical. I know, as a New Yorker, I guess I should have seen it now, but Broadway shows are not my thing (although, I really do want to see Huey Lewis in 'Chicago').

"Rent" is about a bunch of unsympathetic assholes who think they could live for free, just because they are bohemian "artists". They write shitty songs, make shitty movies, and perform shitty performance art. They claim they want to change the world, but all they really care about is themselves.

The only sympathetic character is Benny, portrayed by the always awesome Taye Diggs. Benny is the friend who got out, and is now successful, and wants to help his friends by providing them with a place where they could create their art. They spit in his face, and call him a sellout, even though he's the only one actually doing something with his life.

And Trey and Matt was right, everyone does have AIDS.