Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Six Things About "Steve!"

About two months ago, one of my many friends named Matt "tagged" me, in one of those crazy MySpace chain meme things. It asked for "6 weird things/habits about yourself." I sat on it for awhile, and let it stew, and I finally came up with this- 6 facts about my name.

1. I coined the name "Vitamin Steve" one night in Queens. My buddy El Shoes(yes, one of my best friends calls himself "El Shoes") was picking my buddy Armando and I up. As I entered the car, I stated "Vitamin Steve is in demand!" And it made El Shoes's little brother Meatball laugh.

And it stuck, all because it made a boy named Meatball laugh.

2. I spell "Steve" with an exclamation point- Steve! I started doing this my senior year at college, while signing my time sheet at my campus job in the school editing lab. The more exclamation points I put, meant the less sleep I have gotten. My friend John Green states that the exclamation point means that the name should be pronounced "Steeeve!" I can see his point.

3. I spent my high school life going just by "Flack". It was charming for awhile, but got old quick. Yet, I did have it engraved on my high school class ring.

4. During my first month of college, my friend Christian decided that there were "too many Steve's", and dubbed me "Cornelius," a name that is only used by him, and our friend Jay.

5. My secret shame is that my real first name is "Stephen". Y'see, my dad's name is "John Stephen Flack", and his dad's name was "John Something-or-other Flack". So, since my Dad wasn't actually a "Junior", so they couldn't just call him "Junior", they called him "Johnny". He hated that, so rather than force me to be "Johnny", he flip-flopped the names, and I was born "Stephen John Flack", and forced me to endure years of mispronunciations. Hence, all my professional credits are "Steve Flack"

6. My father's first choice for my name, though, was "Floyd".


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Thank you and enjoy the game."

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I should be sleeping.

I just have to make a statement that my iTunes just randomly went from Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" to the Fine Young Cannibals cover of "Suspicious Minds". I just had to document this moment.

I really should be sleeping.