Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day isn't that bad...

Earth Day isn't that bad...
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inside Deep Six

Ok, this took me way too long to finish up, but this series of interviews conducted by Randy Gentile, and edited by me are finally up on the web. It's a mini-doc on a local Brooklyn artist collective that does awesome comics, both in print, and on the web (

"Inside Deep Six," is a six-part video interview featuring Dean Haspiel, Simon Fraser, Tim Hamilton, Joan Reilly, Michael Cavallaro, and Leland Purvis, conducted by Randy Gentile and edited by Steve Flack.



Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Meet The Mets...


So I went to Opening Day at Shea for the first and last time .  Now, I like the Mets. Yeah, I'm a Yankee fan, but I do respect the energy of the team, and their players (I will admit, David Wright is awesome). Shea, on the other hand, I'm not a fan of at all. So when the Mets announced that they were building a new stadium, I was psyched. 

But even though I have such a distaste for Shea, when I was offered a ticket to the last home opener there, I couldn't turn down a ticket. 57 more photos here.


As we approached the Stadium, I started feeling a little nostalgic for the old place. This was the place where I went to my first major league baseball game, afterall.


But you start to lose any feeling for this dump once you see the beauty of a park they are building behind Shea. 


And for the first time ever, Shea is no longer overlooking a parking lot! And man, it really helps the overall feel.


As usual, it was your standard opening day. Nice pre-game ceremony, and everyone booed Jimmy Rollins, which was nice.


So, two innings in, and a Carlos Delgado home run later. I decided to go get food. I mean, I already saw the apple pop out of the hat, so I'm good for now. The Mets were up 2-0, and everything seemed ok.

Sadly, it would be all downhill from there.


I  would spend the next four innings waiting for a sausage. While on the line, the lady working the grill berated and cursed out the people on line, and when I finally made it to the front of the line, I was threatened by a drunk Met fan who I called out for cutting the line in front of me (Hey, I got the last sausage. If that guy actually cut, I would have spent four innings for nothing).

Yankee Stadium last week, it took me five minutes to get a sausage. That's all I'm saying.


So, finally I got my sausage, and went back to my seat. Half an inning later, I had relieve myself. I then go and spend another inning on line for the bathroom, while a big drunk guy behind me kept yelling right in my ear about how much he had to go, and how everyone should hurry up.


So I make it back to my seat for the seventh inning stretch, and luckily catch Mr. Met's sing-a-long. Aside from the Rick Astley sing-a-long an inning later, this was the highlight of the day.


In the end, the Mets blew it, and lost 5-2, I think this guy was the only person who experienced any 'Good Times'.


I'm not sure about this year, Mr. Met, but next year, definitely. 





Monday, April 07, 2008

My city screams...

My city screams...
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Friday, April 04, 2008

"Hey Steve, can I see your Zac Hanson book?"

I am at work. I have nothing to do. I am bored. Hence, this:

My Bag and What Is In It:


Clockwise from top left:

The Bag - a medium sized messenger bag I purchased at a holiday market here in NYC in December. The flap is a nice photo print of a closeup of the Yankee logo on the grass behind homeplate in Yankee Stadium. The flap is removable, you can undo the velcro and replace the flap with a flap with a different photo if so desired. I just need to find the website for the company that makes them.

SDCC Magazine - Emergency reading, just in case I am stuck on the subway without anything to read at all.

Comics - The rest of this weeks new comics. The only place I can read is on the train. So, I always have some sort of comic book with me. From Wednesday to Saturday is usually new releases, and after that is something from my pile of unread trades and graphic novels.

3 Copies of My Video Editing Reel on DVD - I usually burn brand new copies with an updated resume when I have a serious job opportunity. These are older copies that have been bouncing around my bag since December. I keep them on me just in case I have a spur of the moment opportunity. I need to burn some new ones though, because I think these have gotten a little scratched.

Macy's Coupons - I need new clothes.

Spider-Man Mini Notebook - In case I need to write anything down, although, it is mostly filled with doodles.

3 Pens and A Sharpies Marker - For said doodles.

Inhaler - For my very slight allergy season asthma.

3 Sudafed Pills - Leftover from cold season.

Chapstick - In case I meet any ladies. So, I haven't used it in months.

Umbrella - Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh, Eh.

Lubriderm lotion - Leftover from my new tattoo.

Flash Drive - a half gig one I got for free. I called it "The Fantasticar".

Keys - on an Iron Giany key chain I got for free when I saw the movie in theaters in 1999. Actually, my little sister got the key chain. I took it from her.

Zac Hanson: The Unofficial Pocket Book - This was a birthday gift from my friend Raina about 6 years ago. She was working for the company that distributed them, and gave it to me as a gag gift. For some reason, it's been in my bag ever since. Oh, the places this little book has been. If you ever see me with my bag on me (which is most of the time), ask to see it, it's hilarious!

Orange Orbit Gum - My Mom bought this and didn't like it, so she gave it to me. Personally, I prefer the Lemon-Lime.

Super Mario Bros. Keychain - With 8 Mario Sounds! I use it when I get keys for offices at work. Plus, nothing accentuates a bad joke better than the "dying" sound effect.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The view from my office for the rest of the week.

"Look at me, I can be, Centerfield."

So after a pointless trip up to Yankee Stadium yesterday for the aborted home opener, I made a return trip up to the Bronx for the actual first game of the season. 131 mostly terrible photos are here. My favorites, with commentary, below. I got tickets to every Sunday game from here on out, and I am going to the Mets opener at Shea next Tuesday. Expect many more terrible photos for the rest of the year.


Stinky takes a shot of the new stadium rising across the street.


Freddy is a stadium institution. He walks around the stadium with a sign, specialized for every game, with a pan attached to it. He carries a spoon, and asks people to hit the pan. If you're ever watching a Yankee game and hear a random "DING!", it's Freddy.

For some reason, my father hates Freddy.


The introduction of the lineups.


Yogi escorts Reggie to the mound for the first pitch.


The real first pitch of the year, a strike from Chien Ming Wang.


A-Rod drives in the first RBI of the year.


Armando and I enjoy the inaugural sausages of the 2008 season.


George Steinbrenner flips a switch. I think someone gets fired everytime he flips it or something.


The concession stand where I usually get my sausages and cheese fries. With this being the last year at Yankee Stadium, I plan on taking a lot of photos of the the little things at Yankee Stadium.


Joba! I don't think I can put the level of excitement the crowd has for Joba into words. Everyone was so distracted by his entrance that no one paid any attention to the cap game on the diamond vision screen. And when he pitched, you'd think it was the world series from the amount of flash bulbs going off after every pitch.


And Mariano shuts them down for the save.


Lauren claimed the man in the cowboy hat was Alec Baldwin. Upon closer inspection, it was probably just Billy Baldwin. This was the biggest disappointment of the night.


It started to to pour while waiting for the train after the game. Otherwise it was perfect April baseball weather. I was afraid of freezing the upper deck, but I didn't even need my jacket.

Baseball, I missed you. Thanks for coming back.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

That's more like it.

That's more like it.
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