Friday, April 04, 2008

"Hey Steve, can I see your Zac Hanson book?"

I am at work. I have nothing to do. I am bored. Hence, this:

My Bag and What Is In It:


Clockwise from top left:

The Bag - a medium sized messenger bag I purchased at a holiday market here in NYC in December. The flap is a nice photo print of a closeup of the Yankee logo on the grass behind homeplate in Yankee Stadium. The flap is removable, you can undo the velcro and replace the flap with a flap with a different photo if so desired. I just need to find the website for the company that makes them.

SDCC Magazine - Emergency reading, just in case I am stuck on the subway without anything to read at all.

Comics - The rest of this weeks new comics. The only place I can read is on the train. So, I always have some sort of comic book with me. From Wednesday to Saturday is usually new releases, and after that is something from my pile of unread trades and graphic novels.

3 Copies of My Video Editing Reel on DVD - I usually burn brand new copies with an updated resume when I have a serious job opportunity. These are older copies that have been bouncing around my bag since December. I keep them on me just in case I have a spur of the moment opportunity. I need to burn some new ones though, because I think these have gotten a little scratched.

Macy's Coupons - I need new clothes.

Spider-Man Mini Notebook - In case I need to write anything down, although, it is mostly filled with doodles.

3 Pens and A Sharpies Marker - For said doodles.

Inhaler - For my very slight allergy season asthma.

3 Sudafed Pills - Leftover from cold season.

Chapstick - In case I meet any ladies. So, I haven't used it in months.

Umbrella - Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh, Eh.

Lubriderm lotion - Leftover from my new tattoo.

Flash Drive - a half gig one I got for free. I called it "The Fantasticar".

Keys - on an Iron Giany key chain I got for free when I saw the movie in theaters in 1999. Actually, my little sister got the key chain. I took it from her.

Zac Hanson: The Unofficial Pocket Book - This was a birthday gift from my friend Raina about 6 years ago. She was working for the company that distributed them, and gave it to me as a gag gift. For some reason, it's been in my bag ever since. Oh, the places this little book has been. If you ever see me with my bag on me (which is most of the time), ask to see it, it's hilarious!

Orange Orbit Gum - My Mom bought this and didn't like it, so she gave it to me. Personally, I prefer the Lemon-Lime.

Super Mario Bros. Keychain - With 8 Mario Sounds! I use it when I get keys for offices at work. Plus, nothing accentuates a bad joke better than the "dying" sound effect.