Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Meet The Mets...


So I went to Opening Day at Shea for the first and last time .  Now, I like the Mets. Yeah, I'm a Yankee fan, but I do respect the energy of the team, and their players (I will admit, David Wright is awesome). Shea, on the other hand, I'm not a fan of at all. So when the Mets announced that they were building a new stadium, I was psyched. 

But even though I have such a distaste for Shea, when I was offered a ticket to the last home opener there, I couldn't turn down a ticket. 57 more photos here.


As we approached the Stadium, I started feeling a little nostalgic for the old place. This was the place where I went to my first major league baseball game, afterall.


But you start to lose any feeling for this dump once you see the beauty of a park they are building behind Shea. 


And for the first time ever, Shea is no longer overlooking a parking lot! And man, it really helps the overall feel.


As usual, it was your standard opening day. Nice pre-game ceremony, and everyone booed Jimmy Rollins, which was nice.


So, two innings in, and a Carlos Delgado home run later. I decided to go get food. I mean, I already saw the apple pop out of the hat, so I'm good for now. The Mets were up 2-0, and everything seemed ok.

Sadly, it would be all downhill from there.


I  would spend the next four innings waiting for a sausage. While on the line, the lady working the grill berated and cursed out the people on line, and when I finally made it to the front of the line, I was threatened by a drunk Met fan who I called out for cutting the line in front of me (Hey, I got the last sausage. If that guy actually cut, I would have spent four innings for nothing).

Yankee Stadium last week, it took me five minutes to get a sausage. That's all I'm saying.


So, finally I got my sausage, and went back to my seat. Half an inning later, I had relieve myself. I then go and spend another inning on line for the bathroom, while a big drunk guy behind me kept yelling right in my ear about how much he had to go, and how everyone should hurry up.


So I make it back to my seat for the seventh inning stretch, and luckily catch Mr. Met's sing-a-long. Aside from the Rick Astley sing-a-long an inning later, this was the highlight of the day.


In the end, the Mets blew it, and lost 5-2, I think this guy was the only person who experienced any 'Good Times'.


I'm not sure about this year, Mr. Met, but next year, definitely.