Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This thing that I bought today.

I finally got around to meeting up my good buddy Matt Loux today. Last year, Matt had his first major professional work published, a graphic novel published by Oni Press called F-Stop. On page 48, the main character, a photographer named Nick, goes to get his film developed, and is helped by a friendly clerk, let's just call him "Steve!". Well, I finally got around to picking up the original art for that page, and Matt threw in page 132 as a freebie!

This is just a notice to all my artist friends, if you put me on a page of an actual published work, I will have to buy it. I believe it's a law or something.

Matt's hard at work on his first solo graphic novel, Sidescrollers. He showed me all he's got done today, and it looks fantastic. Look for it later this year. Also, he filled me in on future plans, and man, he's got some great stuff planned.

Also, I finally joined the community over at ComicArtFans.com, and I set up a gallery of all the original comic book art I have purchased over the years. You can see it here. That is where my money goes.