Monday, September 01, 2008

Matt's Crazy Batman Collection.

This is Matt Manning. We've been good friends since college. Matt's an aspiring comic writer. He's a founding member of the alt-comix collective Meathaus, and has written a couple of issues of Marvel and DC Comics (his latest, Batman Strikes #49 comes out this week).

This weekend, Matt married his longtime girlfriend, a mutual friend from college. They got married at Matt's parents place, on a lake in Michigan. Now, I'd be upset that Matt made all of us take a trip to Michigan, if it didn't mean getting to see this:

Matt's Batman collection. Matt has been collecting Batman toys and memorabilia for decades (which is amazing, because he is only 29). Since Matt lives in a small apartment in Brooklyn, his parents let him keep his collection in a secret room hidden in his parents' basement (their house used to be a stop on the underground railroad, and contains a couple of secret rooms)

Matt has a near complete Super Powers collection, and pretty much every action figure since then.

As former comic book store and Warner Bros Store employee, and also with a mother who stalks yard and garage sales, Matt has a large collection with many weird things.

This is my favorite piece in the whole room.


Their wedding favor was a comic book about their romance written by Matt, and drawn by a bunch of our friends. He's going to put on his website when he gets back from his honeymoon, and I'm going to pimp the hell out of it, because it's very sweet, and well, I have a starring role in it.

There are 117 photos of the Batman room here

Now, I leave this all with a plug: everyone should pick up Matt's latest comic, the new issue of Batman Strikes. Even if you've never watched the show, it's still just a good Batman story that requires no real knowledge of the show itself. It comes out this week, here's the solicit:

Written by Matt Manning; Art by Christopher Jones and Terry Beatty; Cover by Andie Tong

What happens when Batman and Robin chase villains around Gotham all night? Dick Grayson falls asleep in class! Between his angry teacher and the monstrous Killer Moth Robin's in for one long day.