Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hipster Hypocrisy.

So, my roommate Armando came home tonight, and asked if I wanted to order some dinner. Sadly, I already had pizza, so I declined. Armando decided to order dinner from local Williamsburg diner, Anytime. He grabbed the menu from the closet, and began to order. He tried to order some jalapeño poppers, but was declined, they said that item was taken off the menu. After going through some other options, Armando finally decided on some lasagna.

When the order finally came, Armando was annoyed that this letter came with his meal.

Photo 109

It said that the Anytime was chaging their menu in an attempt to be more health conscious, and was pretty smug about it.

So, you can't get jalepeno poppers, because that would be bad for your health.

But you know what you can get from the Anytime diner?

Photo 110

Yeah, so greasy foods: bad. Things that are so bad for you, they come with warning labels: OK.

Hey, Anytime: either get rid of the cigarettes or bring back the jalapeño poppers!