Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The New Apartment, Part 3.


Day 3. They wall where there used to be a wall has been finished. Also, the molding now goes all around the room. I'm also planning on replacing the two light fixtures with one or two ceiling fans.


We've also moved almost all of the furniture out, in preparation for for the refinishing of the floors. It looks like the floor guy will be able to get all of the original hard wood floors back to great condition. That should look amazing.


I need to start thinking about paint ideas. I'm not sure what I exactly want to do.


The refrigerator went today, and the stove goes tomorrow. The plumbers coming to take a look at all the plumbing. Things were a little backed up today in the kitchen sink. Hopefully, he's able to work with everything I have, because I really want to keep the sinks.

Anyway, like I said, I need paint ideas. Little help, please.