Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Day 5: So long, and thanks for all the fish.

It was another late start, as we woke up past noon. We sat around Kieran's house for a while, and I made an botched attempt to blog. We decided to head to this fancy mall called "The Grove", where we would dine at a fine eating establishment called "The Cheesecake Factory".

Before we left Kieran had to fix his car. From the moment I got here, Kieran had two problems with his automobile: one, as the result of a vicious prank, all his door handles were slathered in vaseline, and two, the panel on his trunk door that held his plate was falling off. So, he finally decided to tape it on, using some bright red duct type. My idea to add a red duct tape racing stripe down the sides was sadly dashed.

Everything I've heard about "The Cheesecake Factory" is true. My lunch of a cheesesteak and a slice of cheesecake nearly destroyed me. We then tried to walk our lunch off in the mall. Malls in LA are awesome, because they are like Disneyland, except without admission or flumes.

I noticed that "The Grove" was located right in front of Studio City, where the Plinko machine lives. I made Kieran walk with me over to the gate, where I picked up tickets for us for Tuesday's "The Price Is Right." Sadly, Kieran put the kibosh on that immediately when we were informed that we had to be there before 6AM. I agreed only because you must have two forms of identification on you to be considered for being a contestant, and I only had one with me in LA. Next time though, I'm so there.

We then took a ride over to Melrose, so I could visit the legendary Golden Apple Comics. It was such a letdown that I didn't even take a picture of it.

We drove past this, which made me smile.

We headed back to Hollywood Blvd, to catch "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" at the El Capitan. On the way, I snapped a picture of something I forgot to grab a shot of the other day. This building houses Stephen J. Cannell Productions. He created the A-Team. He's awesome.

The El Capitan is Disney's showcase theater, Every major Disney release plays there, and usually has some sort of special accompaniment.

For "Hitchhiker's", they had an assortment of props on display in the lobbies.

I really enjoyed the movie. I started reading the book once when I was 11, and stopped only because I was lazy.

I was a really stupid 11 year old.

After stopping at the mall across the street to pick up a present for my sister, Kieran and I picked up his friend Prini, and drove over to The Dresden Room for drinks.

The Dresden was featured in the movie "Swingers", and contains the world's most awesomely bad lounge singers, Marty and Elayne. We talked about the week, and gossiped about Kieran's friends. I purchased a t-shirt, and we were on our way. We dropped Prini off, and Kieran and I had a great conversation of the way back to his place about what's wrong with everything, which we continued on his couch, before I decided to check my email, put my Spider-Man pajamas on, and call it a night.

Yes, I wear Spider-Man pajamas, and no, there is nothing wrong with that.