Saturday, July 15, 2006

What has happened to Steve?

Well, it has happened. I finally left my parent's basement. It took long enough, but one can only be a stereotype for so long. So I made the big move.

Well, the big move of two blocks.

So, it's been about a month, and while the rest of the apartment is still in flux, my room is in pretty much the way I want it to be.

So what's inside?


Let's take a look!


This is the bed. As you can see, I don't make my bed. I don't have to. Nobody's the boss of me.


On my bed is my Uglydoll. He loves me more than any of you,

Also, a Star Wars Episode 1 pillow case.

Above the bed are photos of my dad's favorite baseball player, my favorite baseball player, and my sister's favorite baseball player: Mickey Mantle, Don Mattingly, and Derek Jeter.


Above the baseball legends, is the special Mr. Incredible poster, which was given away at San Diego Comic-Con in 2004. Featuring a Mike Mignola illustration, and signed by Mignola, and the film's creator and director, Brad Bird.

Funny story about that poster. When they announced that there was going to be a "Incredibles" panel at SDCC 2004, they announced that this poster was going to be given away only to people who were at that panel, and there would be a special signing featuring Bird and Mignola right after the panel. One of my favorite artists doing an illustration for the new movie by one of my favorite directors from my favorite film studio? I was so there. I went to panel, which was awesome, and they handed out tickets to everyone in attendance. They then told us that to get the poster, we would have to redeem the ticket in a special redemption room, and that the signing was going to be starting in 15 minutes in the autograph hall. So I ditched my friend Raina, who I went to the panel with, and ran like a madman to get the poster. As soon as I get the poster, I run back to the autograph hall. I finally find the line, and discover that they actually set up two different lines for Bird and Mignola, I also see that they have a pile of posters that they are handing out right at the front of the line. Since Bird was supposedly leaving after the signing to head back to the studio to finish the film, I decided that I can get Mignola later, and focus on Brad Bird. So I wait for the next 2 hours.

Just to be the guy right at the cut off point. The first person on line not to get an autograph.

So the time I wasted running to get a poster cost me the chance to meet Brad Bird.

Well, the guys right behind me didn't take to that very well, and freaked out. So bad that they had to be taken out by security. Me? I just watched quietly as Brad Bird was escorted out of the building, realizing I wasted 2 hours of comic-con time.

A few months later, I was at an awards dinner where Brad Bird was receiving a "Best Animated Film" award for "The Incredibles." I brought my poster along, hoping to get him to sign it. I talked to Bird for a little while, proclaiming my love for both "The Incredibles" and his previous film, "The Iron Giant". I explaing my story, and he said "You're not the guy who started the fight are you?" I assured him I wasn't, and he agreed to sign it. It reads:

"To Steve,
Sorry about Comic-Con
Thanks for hanging in there!
-Brad Bird"

I got Mignola to sign it the next May at Wizard World Philly,

To the right, you will see the cat clock I got from my Great Grandmother when she passed away. It doesn't work, but I stll love it.

Below it are two Star Wars figures, still in their packages! First off is the special giveaway version of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, given away at showings of "Return of The Jedi: Special Edition" in it's second weekend of release back in 1997. I didn't actually go (since I saw in it's first week of release), but rather traded some packs of Star Wars Collectible Card Game cards for it. Below it is the first version of Boba Fett from the 1997 line, with the half circles on the back of his palms, rather than the more common full circles.

Believe me, that makes sense to some one out there.

On the other side of the window are two random shelves of misc. action figures.


On top, the DC Direct Dark Knight Returns figures, the Mezco Extreme Hellboy, the Sideshow mini-Samaritan prop replica from the Hellboy movie, and the Tim Burton Batman movie Kubricks of Batman and The Joker.


Below that are random figures, including Howard The Duck, Galactus, and the limited run Jm Mahfood Smoke Dog statue.


Across from the figures is the rare Spider-Man movie poster, with the World Trade Center in Spidey's eyes.


Next to that, is my TV, and the very rare giant Iron Giant figure. He protects me while I sleep.


Above the TV is the Alex Ross Super Grover print. The space in between the Spidey poster and the Super Grover print is being reserved for some cool thing I'll bring back from San Diego next week.

Next to that is the first of my two book cases.


Across from that is the second bookcase. The Muppets toys fill the top shelf, with graphic novels and other comic related books fill the bottom. On top of the book case is a few of the original comic pages I've purchased over the years. You can see my collection of original art over at my gallery at Comic Art Fans.


Next to that is my closet, with my special Jim Mahfood skateboard, which featured a Mahfood print on the back, and an original sketch on the front. Atop the closet is an original Jim Mahfood "Stupid Comics" pages. Around the corner from the closet are autographed posters from the first two MoCCA art fests, and a Jim Rugg "Afrodesiac" print above them.


On the door to my bathroom is an original piece from Black Hole that Charles Burns was giving away at this year's MoCCA.


What's inside the bathroom you might ask?


This. It's a Masters of the Universe poster that my father mounted onto a piece of wood and hung up in my my childhood bedroom. I thought my parent's threw it out year's ago, but my mother recently found it while cleaning my grandmother's basement, so in my bathroom it went.

So that's my room?

Where are all my comics?


Well, the joys of living two blocks away from my parents is that I can leave the bulk of my collection there, and go over whenever I want to dig up something. my plan is to keep a box here to hold new purchases, and whenever that box fills up, go and file it into the collection.

So, that's my room. There are more photos in my fickr album, for those you are even more curious what goes on in my room.

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter.