Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blurry Photos of My Room.

So now that you have seen my apartment, you might be wondering what my room looks like.


Well, you first see a postcard for Scott Pilgrim's next book that I got from Bryan Lee O'Malley at MoCCA last week taped to my door.


Once you enter you see my autographed posters for the first two MoCCA Art Festivals, and atop them, and Jim Rugg Afrodesiac print.


My first bookshelf, full of graphic novels and Muppet action figures.


Atop that are more original comic pages. From left to right: "The Sentry" by Jae Lee, "Ultimate Spider-Man" by Mark Bagley, and "Ex Machina" by Tony Harris.


Next to the Tony Harris page is "Spider-Man" by Darwyn Cooke and "New X-Men" by Frank Quietly.


Below those pages are two pages from my friend Matt Loux's first two graphic novels: "F-Stop" and "Sidescrollers". These are extra special to me, since they both feature my cameos in both books.


My bed. This is where the magic doesn't happen.


Across from my bed are two of the bonuses of working at a movie memorabilia shop for 6 years: an original "Spider-Man" World Trade Center teaser poster, and an original "The Apartment" one sheet.


Next to that is an Alex Ross Super Grover print..


...and my second book case.


To the right of the book case are comics that need to be filed at my parent's place...


And to the left are books that need to be read.


My favorite thing about my room: continue past the door and you come to my bathroom!


On the door to my bathroom is an original sketch from "Black Hole" that Charles Burns gave to me at MoCCA last year. For FREE!


Inside the bathroom is a Masters of the Universe poster that my father mounted onto a piece of wood and hung up in my childhood bedroom. I thought my parent's threw it out year's ago, but my mother found it while cleaning my grandmother's basement, so in my bathroom it went.


Also in the bathroom: miniposters for Superman Returns, Batman Begins, and an autographed photo of Gary Coleman.

More photos are up at my Flickr gallery.