Thursday, April 09, 2009

The New Apartment, Part 4.


Hey, the stove is gone! They disconnected it, and removed it from the apartment yesterday, so that's one less thing in the apartment.

So, we're kind of at a construction standstill. The floor guy can't do the floors until the walls are painted. The walls can't be painted until the electrician fixes the wiring. The electrician can't fix the wiring until the plumber installs the heating system. And the plumber can't install heat until the the permits clear.

In the meantime, the contractor is waiting for the new windows he ordered to come in, and once they do, he'll come in and install them. I have to get a new air conditioner, which also needs to be installed, and I have to pick new light fixtures (I'm thinking about some ceiling fans), and a new bathroom sink.


This is the bathroom. It's not that huge, but it's fine for me.


Currently, the faucet on the left, which dispenses the hot water, doesn't work. According to the plumber, the sink is so old that he can't fix the pipe without destroying the sink. So, I have to get a new sink, which is good, because now I can get a cabinet underneath it to keep all of my toilet paper.


The rest of the room is fine enough, it just needs some cleaning.

The other order of business is choosing colors for the paint. I have some time to think about it, which is good. I know that the paint really has to be complimentary to my furniture. So, here's what I have. It's not much.


These are two of my Great-Grandmother's end tables. I'm considering keeping them, and using them in my bedroom. The mirror is going back in the hallway, and the recliner is going in the trash.


This is my Great-Grandmother's sewing machine. I'm thinking about using it as an end table. The couch, however is going in the trash.


There's this dresser. I'm thinking about keeping it, but right now, it's hanging out in the comic book room.


As is this end table thing. I have no idea if I'm going to keep it, I just didn't want to carry it downstairs yet.


Then there are these metal cabinets. I'm thinking about putting them in the kitchen to keep dishes. They've been painted, and can be painted again. They look really good with a fresh coat of paint.


And then there's this dresser. It was my Great-Grandmother's, and I don't like it very much. It's already been marked for the trash, but if anyone can convince me otherwise, it could possibly stay.

As for what I'm taking with me from my current place, it's not that much, I guess. These are all old photos, because I'm too lazy to take new ones.


There's this table. The chairs are shot, and are just going to end up in the trash.


This bookshelf, where I keep my DVDs.


The display case where I keep toys.


This bookshelf.


This bookshelf.


And this bookshelf.


And then there's this couch. It's an Ikea Ektorp, which means that I can change the color of it by just buying a new slipcover.

Which is good, because the current slipcover is pretty messed up.

I also need a new bed. I'm thinking about this one, but I'm not 100% sold on it.

So, that's my furniture situation. Now, does anyone have any paint suggestions?