Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The New Apartment, Part 14.


So it's been over a week, and now, I must say, we are entering the home stretch of this adventure.


The electrician has finished, putting the final touches on all the outlets, and switches, and installing all of the light fixtures...


...and the plumber has installed all of the radiators, finally installing heat in this building.


Two ceiling fans are now in the living/dining room...


...while the other rooms got these bowl style light fixtures.


The comic books have been returned to their future home, where they await filing, organizing, and new boxes.


In other news, I've moved everything I own that is not furniture, art, and clothes, filling up the closets, and drawers with DVDs, books, and toys. Saturday is the big move, where I'll get all the furniture in, and on Sunday, I'll be purchasing my new giant TV.


The next big thing: the new fridge and stove get delivered and installed on Thursday, and then after this weekend, all I will really have to do is buy a new bed.