Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Apartment, Part 9.


Hey, it's been over a week! Let's see where we are. The electrical work is all done, and all of the wires are now brand new and hidden inside the wall. Yay.


The painter started preparing the walls today. He's starting in the back rooms, tearing down wallpaper I never even knew existed, and applying the first layer of whatever that stuff he's using to fix the walls with.


It's a week long process, but the big news is that he needs to know what colors I want to paint the place by THURSDAY. Ah! I still have no idea.


I had to move my comic books to the hallway, as the painter plans to deal with that room this week. The good news is that I can probably leave them here until that room is finished.


Here is what the room looks like now.


Also, he tore the down the wallpaper in the kitchen...


...and earlier this week, they regrouted the tile work in the kitchen and bathroom. Also, there was a hole in the wall that used to be attached to the stove has been filled and tiled over. It really is looking great.


So that's where I stand. Still waiting on the heat situation to be dealt with, but we're making headway.