Sunday, June 14, 2009

The New Apartment, Part 16.


I moved today! Kinda.


Thanks to the help of some great friends, I moved all of the furniture I plan on keeping to the new place. Sadly, since i still haven't purchased a new bed yet, I'm not over there permanently yet. So, me and all my clothes are still at my old place for the time being.


We also set up the new home theater, and chirstened it with the Kirk Cameron classic, "Left Behind".


This is a temporary possible idea of what I might do with this dresser. All of the items on the table are thing from my Great-Grandparents, and Grandparents that I have found while cleaning the apartment. Also, some items that mean a lot to me from my life are sprinkled in. I'm not 100% sold on it, but my original idea of what to do with all this stuff wasn't going to work.


Also, I was thinking about buying new dining table chairs, but I think I'm going to use these four different chairs that I've found in both my place and my parent's place (there's the only decent Ikea chair from my old place, the last remaining good chair from my Great-Grandmother's old kitchen set, my dad's old office chair, and an old chair that my dad bought a yard sale a few years ago). I think it works.


I thought about getting a coffee table, but instead, I think I'm just going to use these stools Grandfather made years ago.


And this bookshelf is now in the bedroom.

So what's left? Well, the plumber needs to install the thermostat, and test the new heat system. The electrician needs to fix a minor issue that's preventing me from turning on my fridge. I need to schedule an appointment with the cable company to install cable tv and internet. I need to buy a new bed and mattress, as well as sheets and pillows. I need to move and hang up all my art. I need to buy something for my DVD player and cable box to sit on, as well as stands for my surround sound speakers. I need to buy curtains, and a table cloth. I need a microwave, dishware and flatware. I need to move my clothes, and whatever I plan on keeping from my current kitchen, which is mostly just glasses. I need new bookcases for my library.

And then I'll be pretty much done.